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What to do after matric?

Eskilz College presents an opportunity for you to further your education and decide on the path you want to take for your future.

What are the first steps after matric?

Getting to know yourself

It’s best to decide what you are passionate about.

Consider completing a career test to assist you in selecting a career that’s best for you.

A career test will provide you with personalised career options that are best suited to your personality and interests. To help you make the best career choice for you, a career test will match your personality type with compatible work environments.

Identify your strengths

It is essential to evaluate your skills to determine which career path will match them. It is important to keep in mind that any skill can be improved upon, even if you don’t have skills yet, with hard work, you can gain the necessary skills to follow your dream career path.

Study the job requirements

You will need to know what certifications, degree(s), training or other credentials are required. By knowing precisely what is needed to pursue a particular career, you will be able to narrow down your list of suitable careers by eliminating the ones that are not a good fit for you. Only keep a profession on your list if you can realistically achieve the job requirements. Keep your matric results, budget, and available study time in mind.

Research the job market

It is important to do your research to see the relative demand in the South African labour market for your career of your choice.

By conducting this research, you will be able to choose a career that is likely to have job openings after you have matriculated and gained the necessary qualification.

Have a plan for your year ahead

Once you have decided on your dream career and course of study, register online at Eskilz College. At Eskilz College you can register throughout the year as our registrations are always open. This means that you can register whenever you are ready. The best part about our registration is that you don’t need to stand in a queue, you can register online.

Visit: https://eskilzcollege.co.za/

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