3 in-demand jobs in South Africa 2018

Professionals in these fields face positive employment

Professionals in the fields of sales, marketing, ICT and admin, office & support face employment prospects following an increase in hiring end of 2017.


The recruitment specialist underlined three ‘hot’ trending jobs in South Africa right now.

Client/Customer Support

Average monthly salary offerings for an intermediate level position:

  • GP: R12,741 to R16,995
  • WC: R11,933 to R14,140
  • KZN: R10,025 to R12,925

Civil/Structural Engineering

  • GP: R34,461 to R47,325
  • WC: R25,720 to R36,477

IT Project Administration/Management

  • GP: R42,464 to R51,692
  • WC: R43,704 to R48,400

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