5 Skills that employers want to see in your CV

Are you looking for a new job?

What is your first step or process when looking for a job? find companies who want to interview you, and get hired?Here are 5 skills that everyone should include on their on CV’s.

Listening, verbal and written. This assures the interviewer that you listen before taking on a task and have a great deal of understanding of what is needed from you and what needs to be done.

Leadership/Management Skills
This shows that you are self managed and ensures that tasks are completed by team members. You also ensure that the team stays motivated and confident.

Problem solving/creativity and reasoning
In this day and age everything seems to be moving at a dynamic pace and this is why problem solving and thinking out of the box is a great skill to have. No matter the situation or changes you can still get the job done by acting reasonable and coming up with a new solution.

Planning and Organising
These are skills that will allow you to cope with a full week of work. These are great time management qualities and shows the interviewer that you do not get all flustered and forgetful when there is a lot to get through.

You might of heard this before but two heads are always better than one. This indicates that you can work with others to build the brand and company with clients and colleagues. This also shows that you will ask for help and will help when deadlines need to be met.

Whether you recently lost your job or are ready to jump back into the working world, it is still hard to win over the interviewer and convince them that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Include these 5 skills, brush up on the job role and do research on the company.The good news is that there are many other avenues to pursue when looking for a job, so chin up and stay positive.



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