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Applying health and safety for a safer work environment

“The Regulations provide that all businesses that are permitted to operate must develop a plan for the phased return of employees to the workplace prior to re-opening the workplace, which plan must be available for inspection. The plan must set out which employees are permitted to return to work, what the plans are for a phased return of employees to the workplace, what the health protocols are, and the details of the COVID-19 compliance officer.

The size of the business will determine the level of detail required and therefore smaller businesses can have a basic plan reflective of the size of the business whereas large and medium size businesses would require a more detailed plan to cater for the large number of persons at the workplace.” DLA Piper publications

Some of the benefits of this webinar and further studying this course include:

  • A safe workplace boosts employee productivity
  • Promotes awareness to protocols that require members to follow guidelines
  • A new culture that can be redefined post pandemic
  • Create and implement standard operating procedures that follow health and safety guidelines for an easier working environment
  • uphold the relevant health and safety guidelines at work

Understanding the changes and implementations post pandemic for health & safety bodies has become an urgent matter. This webinar will give both an insight and an informed decision into studying this course further and its’ benefits.

Date: 24th September 2020

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Price: R345

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