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The regulation, handling and adapting of food safety in the new world

The main factors of this webinars/ course are:

  • Relay food legislations that may have been introduced, This includes developing Food safety regulations and matters alike as well as developing guidelines where necessary in the industry.
  • Inform and communicate to industry, public, media, government departments about food safety matters
  • Audit and support food and health Services in your designated area that are related to the control of imported and exported food items.
  • Evaluate risk assessments related to agricultural, food produced through biotechnology for the departments, Co-ordinate routine and specific food monitoring programmes and attend to food safety guidelines
  • Serve on national and international departments that work with food control matters.

 In the midst of the recent outbreak many regulations and responsibilities for Food Safety officers have changed, this webinar/ course will give a guided look into the processes as well as the importance of understanding these guidelines. South Africa is one the of largest exporters for agriculturally grown foods, such as fruits, corn and other vegetables. The handling and exporting of food has changed post virus and this webinar will give one the needed insight into making the correct and informative decision of studying with Eskilz College

Date: 1st October 2020

Where to register:

Price: R345

To find out more contact us on or call 010 030 0080

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