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Helping those around you in a post pandemic world with Eskilz College

We have witnessed the negligence and misinformation about health conditions, illnesses and viruses especially during this time. This webinar will help identify as well as refer a client or a significant other to the respective medical caretaker/s and be able to assess the illness yourself. It is imperative to have knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and the ageing process of one’s body, this will aid in better understanding the human body and how to react under threat and the necessary actions to take once it has fallen victim to any ailments.

the inclusion of home based care varies in subject areas. Integration of clinical home care course content with activities that include hospital and home care, it is a dedicated course and informative guide on social as well physiological approaches.

Being able to understand and react to situations whether at home or in an unknown environment is important and can help save time while the person/s receives the needed medical attention.

Some of the benefits of this webinar and further studying this course:

  • Accessing and identifying those in need
  • Reducing and informing those on sickness that once were stigmatized
  • Being able to practice best methods safely at home
  • Training and being prepared for a variety of situations that may occur
  • Supporting those close to you, and being able to assist friends and family

Date: 24th September 2020

Where to register:

Price: R345

To find out more contact us on or call 010 030 0080

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