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Are you confused about the SACE CPTD point system?

Whatever happened to short, simple sentences?!

For Principals, Vice Principals, Primary and Remedial School Teachers The 3 year cycle runs from 2020-2023. For HODs The three cycle started in 2018 and the cycle ends at the end of 2020. For High School and Combined School Teachers – The cycle started in 2019 and the cycle ends at the end of 2021.

It is a system managed and implemented by SACE (South African Council of Educators) which recognises specific teacher development activities and programs which are deemed useful for the professional development of educators.

Basically, educators need to accumulate 150 points by the end of a 3 year cycle by completing teacher development programmes and workshops. These need to be SACE- approved. 

SACE (South African Council of Educators), together with the support of the Department of Education and the 9 provincial departments, is responsible for managing and implementing the system.

It decides which Professional Development providers are credible.
It endorses relevant programmes and activities.
It allocates PD (professional development) points to these activities.
It credits each teachers’ CPTD record with the PD points that have been earned.


  • CPTD is managed and implemented by SACE (South African Council of Educators).
  • Courses and workshops need to be SACE-approved.
  • SACE endorses relevant programmes/workshops.
  • PD points are only allocated by SACE.
  • An educator’s CPTD record is credited via the SACE website.
  • Educators identify their own PD needs. The IQMS system can help with this.
  • Develop your own PDP (Professional Development Programme) by choosing activities from SACE-approved providers’ databases.
  • Educators who have a degree/diploma can earn points before even attending workshops.
  • CPTD is not the same as IQMS. The Integrated Quality Management System measures educators and schools’ performance levels.
  • There are 3 types of CPTD: formal (Provided by educational institutions); non-formal (learning within planned activities) and informal (life-long process of acquiring knowledge and skills).
  • Various online companies such as Eskils college offer support as well as SACE-accredited workshops and courses at varying prices.

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