Celebrating Easter Sunday!

A lot of Christians will be celebrating Easter Sunday this Sunday. Some will be going to church; others might fast on that day or perhaps go out with friends. Regardless of your religious background, this holiday brings us together. Family and friends will be together from different provinces. We celebrate weddings of cousins, and siblings, etc.

Christians believe that Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the most important Christian festival, and one celebrated with the greatest joy. It is not just important to Christians only but to others as well, as they believe Easter gathers all people together irrespective of your religion.

There are a lot of things you can do on Easter Sunday, such as:

  • Declutter Your Space

If you haven’t started your spring cleaning yet, now would be a good day to clear the nonsense from your closet and donate the stuff you don’t want, toss the rest. Then spend the rest of the season with an organized, non-stress-inducing space.

  • Enjoy Some Solitude

Alone time is so underrated. It is highly recommended getting some whenever you can. And if everyone else is with their family or at church, take this opportunity to bask in the quiet and just chill.

·         Gather together

Gather friends and family around, go for a movie. You can also get some Easter events such as music festival or poetry Clubs.

South Africa doesn’t do Easter by halves, so lick your lips, loosen your belt and prepare for some real Rainbow Nation eggs-travagance. Get yourself some Easter Eggs with some Yoghurts and custards and spoil you too.

  • Me time

Some people might wanna go have some ‘me ‘time out there. Go out alone for some tea, movie, or jogging.  Go to have some love me time alone.



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