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Analyse and interpret the financial statements and physical records in an agri-business to generate managerial information  Level 5

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The learner achieving this unit standard will be able to compile, analyse and interpret the financial statements for an agri-business in order to generate sound managerial information. In addition the learner will be well positioned to extend his/her learning and practice into areas of information management and sharing. The profession will benefit from this since timely and accurate assessments of data is necessary to generate sound managerial information needed for rational decision-making at all levels.

Learners will understand the importance of the application of business principles in agricultural production with specific reference to financial support.

They will be able to operate farming practices as businesses and will gain the knowledge and skills to move from a subsistence orientation to an economic orientation in agriculture. Farmers will gain the knowledge and skills to access mainstream agriculture through a business-orientated approach to agriculture.

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