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#DIGNIFYME – Sanitary Pad Initiative

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Normalizing conversations to end stereotypes

  • Talking about periods should be as normal as having them.

For 67 days, Sizanani Charity is giving out pads, tampons and other sanitary kits to at least 15 women to reach our goal of supporting over 1000 women who cannot afford pads, tampons and other hygienic items, at the end of 67 days in our #DIGNIFYME campaign.

From the 18th of July to the 25th of September, but we hope to have it all year round. The Sizanani Charity will be inviting the public to join the #DIGNIFYME movement in support of normalizing educational conversations about menstruation among women in order to debunk stereotypes and to fight for necessary essentials such as sanitary kits, tampons and pads to be free of charge.

According to the article written by Letsoalo, I, under the Global Citizen organization, in the year 2019, about 3.7 million girls could not afford sanitary pads and this is one of the biggest issues that South African women are faced with, because as a nation, we are not educated enough.

Many do not understand the intensity of this struggle which causes young girls and women to miss out on school or work for a couple of days every month. South African women are facing period poverty whereby women lack access to sanitary products and hygiene facilities to manage menstruation. Menstrual cycles are not a choice; therefore, sanitary kits, pads and tampons should not be considered a luxury.

If you would like to get involved in the #DIGNIFYME movement, follow Sizanani Charity on all social media platforms and you can support us by simply keeping this hashtag alive.


Programme Duration?

All year round

How to get involved?

Donations and sponsorships are appreciated. Help us spread the word through social media or becoming an ambassador/online volunteer


To donate sanitary pads to women within the local communities (especially to homeless women) for free, through schools and regulated local outlets. Our goal in one month, is to support 300 women and young girls. Then eventually reach our master goal of supporting over 3 600 women and young girls in one year.

Did You Know? Average cost of a pack of pads:

A pack of 10 sanitary pads costs R18 (which translates to about R36 per period cycle, or R19 800 in her lifetime). This means that having a period is an expense that many cannot afford.

At Sizanani Charity we also appreciate donations, therefore, if you would like to donate, please contact us on: 0 100 3000 80 or email us:

Written by Sthembokuhle Ndlovu

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