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Tag For Charity – Graffiti Youth Day Contest

Hosted by Sizanani Charity. Facebook Event Link:

This Youth Day, Sizanani Charity is not only thinking outside the box but we are challenging street artists to art that box.

On the 16th of June, National Youth Day, Sizanani Charity will be hosting their first graffiti contest in order to raise funds to support their community programmes.

  • #Dignifyme
  • Winter Drive
  • Food Drives

The Sizanani Charity is a registered NPO which was founded on the belief of unity and helping people who are in need while trying to empower them. We work with youth, women, children, animals and disabled individuals in order to make a change by finding solutions which address issues that most of us in this country do not often admit are problems.

To state two of our projects; we have initiated a Men Against Rape Campaign to fight against the sexual and domestic abuse of women and children and we also run a Leadership Academy Program which is powered by and fully funded by Eskilz FET College, to empower young students in reaching their full potential and becoming great leaders that they are.

But why graffiti, you ask? Timmal Holdings has a site that is in need of a new look to match our ethos and mission of our group. Through this contest, Timmal Holdings wants to bring attention to creative solutions, partnerships, and provide an opportunity for street artists to showcase their talents and techniques.

A contest that will be judged by local, live audience and art professionals and finalists will compete for cash prizes and the chance to have their winning pieces exhibited on our 4 containers.

The details of the event are as follows:

Graffiti is defined as images or lettering scratched, scrawled, painted or marked in any manner on buildings, bridges, or other surfaces. We have a new site that needs a new look to match our ethos and mission of our group.

Through this contest, Timmal Holdings brings attention to creative solutions and partnerships, and provides street artists with an opportunity to showcase their talents and techniques. Judged by local, live audience and art professionals, finalists will compete for cash prizes and the chance to have their winning pieces exhibited on our 4 containers.

Entrance Fee: R100 (Supplies would have to supplied by our artists.)

Themes for contest:

* Youth

* Women Empowerment

* Education

* Transformation

* Africa

* Business Empowerment

* Business Hustling

To register contact

Winner takes home:

  • R5000 cash prize sponsored by Timmal Art Gallery
  • Randburg Sun covers the event
  • Social Media post event
  • R150 meal voucher at (Partnered with Msizi James from 947)
  • Your art to be hosted on the where we will auction the containers.
  • QR code on each container that will direct traffic to artists online profile

Study a FREE course with Eskilz Dataless College (List to be provided)

Written by Sthembokuhle Ndlovu

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#DIGNIFYME – Sanitary Pad Initiative

sanitary kits, pads initiative, campaign, get involved, periods, #DIGNIFYME

Normalizing conversations to end stereotypes

  • Talking about periods should be as normal as having them.

For 67 days, Sizanani Charity is giving out pads, tampons and other sanitary kits to at least 15 women to reach our goal of supporting over 1000 women who cannot afford pads, tampons and other hygienic items, at the end of 67 days in our #DIGNIFYME campaign.

From the 18th of July to the 25th of September, but we hope to have it all year round. The Sizanani Charity will be inviting the public to join the #DIGNIFYME movement in support of normalizing educational conversations about menstruation among women in order to debunk stereotypes and to fight for necessary essentials such as sanitary kits, tampons and pads to be free of charge.

According to the article written by Letsoalo, I, under the Global Citizen organization, in the year 2019, about 3.7 million girls could not afford sanitary pads and this is one of the biggest issues that South African women are faced with, because as a nation, we are not educated enough.

Many do not understand the intensity of this struggle which causes young girls and women to miss out on school or work for a couple of days every month. South African women are facing period poverty whereby women lack access to sanitary products and hygiene facilities to manage menstruation. Menstrual cycles are not a choice; therefore, sanitary kits, pads and tampons should not be considered a luxury.

If you would like to get involved in the #DIGNIFYME movement, follow Sizanani Charity on all social media platforms and you can support us by simply keeping this hashtag alive.


Programme Duration?

All year round

How to get involved?

Donations and sponsorships are appreciated. Help us spread the word through social media or becoming an ambassador/online volunteer


To donate sanitary pads to women within the local communities (especially to homeless women) for free, through schools and regulated local outlets. Our goal in one month, is to support 300 women and young girls. Then eventually reach our master goal of supporting over 3 600 women and young girls in one year.

Did You Know? Average cost of a pack of pads:

A pack of 10 sanitary pads costs R18 (which translates to about R36 per period cycle, or R19 800 in her lifetime). This means that having a period is an expense that many cannot afford.

At Sizanani Charity we also appreciate donations, therefore, if you would like to donate, please contact us on: 0 100 3000 80 or email us:

Written by Sthembokuhle Ndlovu

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Leadership Academy Relaunch 2021

Four Years Ago, It Was An Idea And Now It Is A Leading Authority In Youth Empowerment And Entrepreneurship

  • Welcoming our leaders in training – 15 girls and 15 boys to start July 2021

On the 11th of June 2021, former Leadership Academy Graduates and the Eskilz College team are welcoming the class of 2021 Leadership Academy learners in celebration getting into the program.

The Leadership Academy is a program powered by Eskilz College, which is an accredited FET college that was established in 2002 with the vision to empower South Africans through quality education. Eskilz College has been offering free learning experiences, especially, under the Leadership Academy which thrives to expose young beneficiaries to vast opportunities to gain knowledge on leadership and business skills through courses that are relevant to what is current and soon to be the future.

The academy was established in 2018 where it was initially called the Leadership for Girls Academy but in 2019 Leadership for boys had been introduced. The aim of this program is to empower and uplift through challenging the young learners’ way of thinking by means of exposing them to varies kinds of business sectors to groom them into becoming future leaders and entrepreneurs that will better their lives and the lives of other people.

This program has been truly impactful that our 2018 Leadership Academy graduates; Vanessa Ndlovu (19) and Asamkele Menzeleli (19) have come together with the Eskilz College team to assist in reaching out to more high school learners in Cosmo City and Weltevreden Park. While organizing meetings with facilitators and mentors as well as brainstorming on more effective modules to add to the program that will catapult young minds.

Details of programme and how to get involved

12 month programme full funded by Eskilz College

Cost of each learner per annum R25 000

Contact us for the Wishlist for the programme or per learner

Interested in volunteering, becoming a speaker or trainer for the programme? Contact us.

Written by Sthembokuhle Ndlovu.

For more information, please contact us on: 0 100 3000 80 or email us:

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What Is a Learnership and It’s Benefits?

What is a Learnership?

A Learnership programme combines theory and practical skills that you will need in a work environment. The learner will have the opportunity to learn life skills such as communication and teamwork and receives a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (abbreviated as NQF). Anyone who has completed school, college or any training institutions between the ages of 16 and 35 qualifies for the learnership programs. It is not necessary to complete a learnership to get a qualification, whereas a learnership could lead to a qualification.

In order to protect all the parties involved. a contract will be drawn up between the employer, the learner and an accredited skills development training provider for the duration of the programme. The program will then be noted as an outcomes-based and not time-based, which allows for recognition of prior learning.

Benefits of learnerships to employers?

  • Training is relevant to business needs because Learnerships involve job training meaning that the employee can still work.
  • Improved skills and work performance.
  • Government tax incentives. SETAs offer cash grants for learnerships. As legislated in section 12H of the Income Tax Act, 58 of 1962 and the amendments made in January 2010.
  • Companies earn BEE points.
  • Nationally recognized, therefore, there will be more opportunities to further learning.
  • Create skilled employees who will add value to the business.

Benefits of learnerships for learners?

  • Earn an income while enhancing your skills and ultimately enhance their career prospects.
  • Opportunity for further learning and obtaining a recognised qualification that can be portable from one company to another.
  • Personal development and self-esteem improves.
  • Improved quality education with a practical relevance of what you are learning.
  • Either with an employer, through self-employment or in temporary employment there are access and opportunities for beneficial employment.

Implementing learnerships – The Drawbacks?

There are benefits to both the employer and the employee that outweigh the drawbacks when a learnership has been strategically planned and implemented. For instance, it is vital for the employer to use a Training Provider that have skilled and experienced lecturers to assist learners (their employees) in applying the theory into the workplace. The Training Provider will also take care of the paperwork while the employer concentrates on their business.

The (SARS) Tax Incentives (Legislated in section 12H of the Income Tax Act, 58 of 1962, amended in January 2010) are deducted from the taxable income that can be claimed by an employed candidate in a learnership. The allowance is based on a 12 month period, and full periods of a month. The learnership can be carried over to another employer (if linked to the trade) while the employee is in training. The new employer can claim for the rest of the year and also the full completion allowance.

(SETAs) Learnership Grants

Depending on the type of qualification/skills and levels of that particular qualification that is to be acquired, the cost of a learnership program varies according to MERSETAs. Therefore, it is very important to always contact the appropriate SETA for latest information especially on funding.

On subject to availability, note that grants are offered on a first come, first serve basis and are subject to availability. The application should also clearly state that the learnership would address a needed skill in the sector.

Written by Sthembokuhle Ndlovu

For more information contact or call 010 03000 80.

Check out our popular webinar schedule or download our R650 course list

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Advantages & Disadvantages of a Gap Year.

After about 18 years in a classroom, you are probably ready for a well-needed break. Taking a gap year of experiential learning between high school and college gives you the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries and giving enough time to consider your next steps; whether you decide to work, volunteer or travel the globe, taking time away from school could give you a fresh sense of purpose.

However, it is important to take a look at gap year advantages and disadvantages before committing in order to make sure that you have taken into consideration of all the gap year pros and cons:

Advantage: A gap year will make your CV look pretty spectacular;

A gap year can provide a person with valuable new skills that any employer will be impressed by. For example, cultural awareness, organization, and an ability to work independently are just some of the skills that are gained by taking a year out.

Disadvantage: Finding a job during a gap year may not work in your favour;

You might find yourself in a difficult space in applying for jobs whereby employers often hire people who are either studying or have a relevant degree that relates to their business or can improve their business.

Advantage: If planned well, you can have a productive year;

Let us talk about it, you are probably looking to have this time set on focusing on other opportunities in life, rather than having an unproductive year where you are not gaining any new skills, constantly being dependent on everyone else and probably wasting valuable resources that the world is giving you! Do not miss out on your new adventure because they do not have the cash. This is easily an offset by working hard and saving cash quickly in order to jet off as soon as possible. If you plan ahead then you cannot be misled and have a wonderful year instead!

Disadvantage: You will be a year behind;

This can be a tough one for many people. As you wave your friends off to college/university and see them start their new lives, are you prepared to be left behind? Do you completely understand that your conversations may not be the same – topics about assignments might not exactly be relatable when you have decided to trek down your path?

Advantage: You will meet new people;

On a gap year it is impossible not to meet new people. Throughout school and college we are surrounded by the same people but taking a gap year allows us to discover others, make new friends, and interact with people from all walks of life.

Disadvantage: You will probably be homesick;

Eventually, every person is going to be away from home for their first time but being homesick is something that impacts most of us at some point. Whether you are missing family, friends or simply home comforts, you may find yourself questioning as to why you chose a life on the road (if you chose to travel for your gap year) or if it was worth it all to miss out on college/university. But fear not! The joy of travel is that there is always somebody to meet and something to do. Power through and you will be glad you that you took a gap year.

Advantage: You will have tons of stories to share;

After spending a year away, the stories will mount up; these can be great conversation starters in the interview room, at parties or, simply just to look back on and remember.

Disadvantage: A gap year is a risk;

Do you that a gap year can also present the best learning experience on how to deal with the uncertainty of life? Of course, it is! But where do we get in life if we are not willing to take risks? This is what makes a gap year so exciting; not knowing what to expect is all part of the adventure. The key is to take care and travel with common sense. Fun fact: I am yet to meet a gap year traveller or career breaker who “regretted” their decision to hit the road.

Advantage: It is a long escape from the daily grind;

A gap year, for most people, is the period for the non-traditional life that you will ever have. It is often a once in a lifetime experience and the chance to escape the daily grind. However, if planned right, it will also be an educational opportunity of growth and other benefits and not just a “vacation” or year off. A gap year should be a year on.

Disadvantage: It can be expensive;

This depends on the destination and the duration of the trip but, chances are, when taking a gap year, you are going to spend quite a bit of cash. The best way to fund a gap year is to work and travel or at least study while travelling and perhaps you can earn financial sponsors from companies, colleges/universities, family, friends and other generous people to support your education and travelling expenses at the same time. It is also a good idea to plan trips independently as this will cut costs dramatically – for the first-time traveller this may be a little difficult and paying extra for the help of someone to do it for you might be a good idea.

What College Can I Study At During My Gap Year?

At Eskilz College, we are neither encouraging nor discouraging an idea of a gap year but rather giving advantages and disadvantages so that you can make your choice as you do your own research if a gap is for you or not.

However, if you have decided to take a gap year – we understand the need for a gap year and that is why we provide online accredited courses that you can complete anywhere and at your own pace! If it is in your best interest, you can check out the Eskilz College website and choose the perfect course for you!

Written by Sthembokuhle Ndlovu

For more information contact or call 010 03000 80.

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We are recruiting a 1000 learners throughout South Africa

We are recruiting a 1000 Ex mine workers & Retrenched mine workers throughout South Africa

Apply for Entrepreneurship programme – Fully funded and no cost to learners

Value of Programme: R10 000

Duration: 2 Months

The programme is aimed to equip and assisting these beneficiaries in starting up their own business

How to Apply

Email your contact number to Deadline for applications 31st March 2021

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Best Online Courses to study 2021 – From R650

Last year we saw an increase in our online short courses and here are a list of our top short courses and qualifications that you can study with us through our dataless study portal.

Enquire about our R650 Courses. Here is the list.

NQF Aligned and Certificate of Completion
Communicable Disease 17 days
Change Management4 days
 Homebased Care                                                   5 days
 Food Safety – CPD – Saiosh1 day
Workplace Hygiene Awareness – CPD Saiosh 2 days
 Stress Management2 days
Time Management                                                
 Apply Health and Safety 2 days
COVID Workplace Readiness Programme5 days
 Call Centre Training 4 days
Emotional Intelligence Courses5 days
Housekeeping Courses3 days
Management Skills Courses  5 days
Entrepreneurship Courses  5 days
Employment Equity 1 day
Course/QualificationPriceCertificate on Completion
Facilitator, Assessor and ModeratorR6 199Yes
NursingComing Soon
Health and SafetyR1 790Yes
ECDR26 950Yes
Project Management FREEYes
Workplace ReadinessR4 032Yes
Business AdministrationR13 150Yes
JournalismR14 350Yes
LandscapingR13 150
Wholesale and RetailR12 000
Plant ProductionR13 150
Graphic DesignR15 350
Furniture MakingR17 250
Supervisory SkillsR 1687.5
AnimationR17 395

We are also offering Stress Management for FREE through the pandemic.

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Study FREE Stress Management Course During the Pandemic

Let Eskilz College help you adapt to the new normal

The uncertainty brought on by COVID-19 requires organisations to recognise leadership and employee sentiments and explore new ways of working for business continuity. This perspective piece provides change management insights and best practices to assist organisations in minimising the COVID-19 impact on people, operations, and businesses.

This pandemic has rapidly changed many systems and processes, a major industry that was brought to a jolting shift, was the education industry. Schools and colleges everywhere had to relocate resources and change previously dated methods to suit this new era of learning.

Studying with Eskilz College not only offers a flexible payment plan but data-less options whereby studying anywhere at any time is available as well as affordable offers if you register for 2021 today.

With the rapid growth of online learning, many students are looking for feasible, convenient and quality education online without sacrificing their end goals. There is no doubt that online education is the way of the future for all educational institutions.

Data & Internet Connectivity has been researched to be the largest factor in Africa that has inhibited real progress and growth on the continent. It seemed impossible to overcome.

Eskilz College now offers the disruptive edu-tech that will ensure education is put into the hands of all who need it. For the past 18 years, Eskilz College has been training and empowering youth, female and persons with disabilities throughout Africa. This Data-Less E-Learning solution means any one can learn on any device, any where and at any time.

We are excited that we can now grant a future to all Africans without having to worry about buying data or going to use internet cafés. A once off sync with the cloud will unlock your online-offline system where learning can be done easily online with media, downloadable documents and deadlines.

This system is robust, yet has been optimised to be smaller than most apps on your phone. The system is available from any tablet, desktop or smart device. This looks to be the tool to catapult every person on the African continent to reach for the stars.

Study Stress management with Eskilz College for free, and be able to handle and approach any situation that may arise

Email or call 010 030 0080 to enquire further or more information.

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Gain workplace experience with Eskilz College

Eskilz College is providing learners with an opportunity to gain workplace experience, this is aimed towards learners that have successfully completed the following course: National Certificate: Business Analysis NQF Level 06:

Learner receives the following:
1. Monthly stipend
2. Travel allowance

Learners are required to submit the following together with their application form:
1. Certified copies of all academic results to-date including matric certificate, and each year
/semester of study completed.
2. Certified copy of your Identity Document.
3. Letter from the tertiary institution, stating the practical training (P1/P2) required to do.
4. Curriculum Vitae

Applications to be sent latest by 29/10/2020 @ 16h00
NB: Applicants who do not meet the above criteria will be disqualified or submit incomplete application form:

Click the link below to view, download, fill in and submit the application form:

If you require further assistance please contact us on 010 030 0080.

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Should sustainable farming be included in the school curriculum

Eskilz College makes headway with learnerships, ECD Centres and vertical farming

Issues concerning the negative impact standard agriculture has on the atmosphere have propelled the decision for farming practices that are not solely economically sound however environmentally protecting and socially acceptable. A cadre of agricultural researchers, educators, and farmers believe that the agricultural systems advocated by property have potential for addressing these considerations.

The aim of these studies was to see the impact of property agriculture on middle school, agricultural education, teachers, and programs. Whether or not they use organic methods most educators agree concerning over simply organic farming, many establishments aim to equip each student with associate understanding of the principles of property and its’ value.

Sustainable agriculture needs to be integrated throughout the entire learning process if all our future farmers/ property owner/ and much more are to embrace sustainability. Young people are a leverage for information toward a better future and what they are told now will impact on how they farm and sustain themselves and the world in the future.

View our courses on ECD/ Agriculture and much more by visiting:

Contact us on 010 030 0080

Or email for more information