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Our story starts in 2002 providing training and development for individuals and corporate. In 2012 Eskilz College changed its company structure to pursue its accreditation as a Private College.

Through our passion for assisting people to realize their full potential we established the Leadership for Girls Academy. The success of this programme in 2018 gave room for us to expand and establish a Leadership for Boys academy has been set in place as of 2019.

These academies fall under the Leadership Academy umbrella. Change is the end result of all true learning and we strive to constantly evolve, always unlocking individual’s full potential.


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    Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.



    On June 25th 2018, the Leadership for Girls Academy kicked off their winter classes. The girls were thrilled to return to the programme in their school holidays. This programme is not only exciting and fun for the girls but means so much more. This initiative was built to empower and groom these young girls to be leaders.

    Since the launch of the programme, it has attracted a diverse team of entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and mentors alike, lending their skills and knowledge to this elite group of aspirant leaders.

    Leadership for Girls Academy was built around addressing relevant education, women and youth empowerment in South Africa.

    The academy offers courses such as:

    This programme is currently funded, developed and powered by Eskilz College (Tuition fee approximately- R16 000 per girl). Chief Operations Officer, Jivesh Timmal, stated that he holds this project close to heart and is passionate about its success. These young girls were chosen through a selection process that gave us the best indication of those who have the willingness and drive to join us on this journey to leadership. It is our hope that after our 12-month programme we would have catapulted 16 young girls into e­ffective, influential and powerful leaders in South Africa who use this platform to make positive changes in the world. We are proud to announce that our brilliant minds successfully graduated at the end of 2018. These girls have started community projects that will see their communities flourish.

    With the success of our Leadership for Girls Academy we are implementing a Leadership for Boys Academy which will both fall under our Leadership Academy. We would like to off­er this opportunity to both businesses and persons interested to get involved in the programme by sponsoring this programme to sponsor a leader. Be a part of the solution!

    Organisations that contribute to the empowerment of these young leaders will be able to access valuable SED (Socio-Economic Development) points through their BBBEE Scorecards. To enquire on how to get involved please send your queries to:

    Kavisha Hurbans – info@marketingmatterz.co.za.