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Percentage of students that don’t go to college

45.7% of 19 year olds are not in University – this is the sad and depressing statistic.

This is the age at which youths should be enrolled in TVET and Universities. 41.4% of 19 year olds are currently attending secondary school (or high school), and only 6.4% of youths at age 19 is attending University.

More than half (or 51%) of youth aged 18–24 claimed that they did not have the financial means to pay for their tuition. Furthermore, 18% of those aged 18–24 who were not attending educational institutions indicated that their poor academic performance prevented them from participating. This is according to the “Higher Education and Skills in South Africa” report released by Statistics South Africa.

The summary below shows the percentage of youths (18-24 year old) that stated money is the main reason they are not attending an educational institution (source is GHS 2017)

  • Free State: 67%
  • Gauteng: 61%
  • Mpumalanga: 56%
  • KwaZulu-Natal: 54%
  • North West: 53%
  • South Africa: 51%
  • Western Cape: 42%
  • Northern Cape: 38%
  • Limpopo: 38%
  • Eastern Cape: 33%

Clearly money plays a very significant role in whether youths attend educational institutions after secondary school

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