Timmal Talks – Skills Development Game Plan (WSP & ATR Submissions 2021)


Workplace Skills Plan (WSP&ATR) Submission Deadline is 30 April – BBBEE Aligned

We understand that our clients are working at high standards. This is why we are deliberate in our approach to improving learning and performance change within our clients business for them to maintain and improve on these standards. We have adapted our core learning solutions accordingly.
We are working tirelessly to equip our clients to adapt to the complexities of the new world we live in. We are constantly striving to offer the kind of innovative learning solutions that will put your business on a pathway to better development outcomes in 2021 and beyond.
At any time during this series, we invite you to connect with us and Book A Free Consultation.
Presented by Mr Kamal P Timmal (CEO & Founder of Timmal Holdings)



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