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SA’s most in demand skills

Skilled trades and technicians top the list of South Africa’s skills shortages.

The 13th ManpowerGroup South Africa survey was just concluded and shows that large enterprises report a significant 42% shortage in talent and desired skills, followed by 40% for medium, 31% for small, and 22% for micro-enterprises.

Managing director of ManpowerGroup South Africa says that South Africa is ahead of the game, as global talent shortages average out at 54%, while South Africa is at 34%. Interestingly, this number has held steady since the 2016 survey.

Here is how South Africa compares:

Position South Africa Global
1 Skilled Trades Skilled Trades
2 Technicians Sales & Marketing
3 Sales & Marketing Technicians
4 Accounting & Finance Engineering
5 Management/Executive Driving & Logistics
6 Professionals IT
7 IT Accounting & Finance
8 Driving & Logistics Manufacturing
9 Engineering Construction
10 Healthcare Healthcare

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