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2D Animation Level 5

COURSE OVERVIEW: The purpose of this Qualification is to enable qualified learners to generate independent work and critically apply the

3D Animation and Level 5

COURSE OVERVIEW: Learners who attain this qualification are competent 3D animation or visual effects artists. This qualification is set to

7 Steps to Building an Audience that Builds Your Business

Neuroscience reveals the somewhat frightening answer: brain scans show that the decision-making parts of our brains often shut down when

Advertising Level 4

COURSE OVERVIEW: The purpose of the qualification is to equip entry-level persons in the advertising industry with the competence required

Advertising Level 5

COURSE OVERVIEW: Advertising practice demands an attention to detail, adherence to deadlines, work ethic, positive regard for others (i.e. colleagues

Animal Production Level 1

COURSE OVERVIEW: The purpose of this qualification is to allow new entrants access to the Primary Agricultural Sector with specific

Animal Production Level 2

COURSE OVERVIEW: The purpose of this qualification is to allow Junior Personnel and elected candidates to progress towards a position

Animal Production Level 4

COURSE OVERVIEW: The purpose of this qualification is to allow Supervisors to progress towards a Junior Farm Manager position with

Apply Basic Food Safety Practices

TYPE OF PROGRAMME: Skills Programme Part-time Full time   DURATION 5 Days   LEARNER MATERIAL All learning material included in

Apply Herbicides to Noxious Weeds Level 1

This unit standard is for people who control weeds with herbicides. People credited with this unit standard are able to:

Assessor Course | Level 5

COURSE OVERVIEW: This generic assessor unit standard is for those who assess people for their achievement of learning outcomes in

Basic computer Skills Level 3

COURSE OVERVIEW: Learners acquiring this standard will be learning towards obtaining a national qualification or are working within a computer