SONA 2018 – Summary of key points made by President Cyril Ramaphosa

Summary of Actions in the State of the Nation Address 16th February 2018

Support black industrialists – to build a new generation of black and women producers that are able to build enterprises of significant scale and capability.
Use competition policy to open markets to new black entrants.
Invest in the development of township and rural enterprises.

Assemble team to speed up implementation of new projects, particularly water projects, health facilities and road maintenance.

Intensify engagements will all stakeholders on the Mining Charter.
Finalise the MPRDA Amendment Bill by end of first quarter this year.
Stakeholder engagement to deal with mining fatalities.

Small business, co-ops, township enterprises
Honour 30% of procurement allocation to these enterprises.
Invest in SME incubation.
Welcome SME Fund initiative by corporate sector.

Land and agriculture
Accelerate our land redistribution programme AND make more land available.
Expropriate land without compensation, our approach, taking into account food security, agricultural production and growth of the sector.

Fourth industrial revolution
Digital Industrial revolution commission to be established.
Allocation of spectrum to reduce barriers to entry.

National Minimum Wage
Introduce NMW by May 1 benefiting more than 6 million South Africans.

Health and NHI
Scale up our testing and treating campaign by initiating an additional two million people on anti-retroviral treatment by December 2020.
The NHI Bill is now ready to be processed through government and will be submitted to Parliament in the next few weeks.

This year free higher education and training will be available to first year students from households with a gross combined annual income of up to R350,000.
All public schools have begun offering an African language.
First National Senior Certificate examination on South African Sign Language, which will be offered to deaf learners at the end of 2018.

Social Grants
Urgently take decisive steps to comply with all directions of the Constitutional Court.
Take action to ensure no person in government is undermining implementation deadlines set by the court.

Social Sector/Civil Society
Convene a Social Sector Summit during the course of this year to recognise the critical role they play in society.

Review the funding models of SOEs and other measures.
Change the way that boards are appointed.
Remove board members from any role in procurement.

Corruption/state capture
The commission of inquiry into state capture to commence its work shortly.
The Commission should not displace the regular work of the country’s law enforcement agencies in investigating and prosecuting any and all acts of corruption.
Urge professional bodies and regulatory authorities to take action against members who are found to have acted improperly and unethically.
Urgently attend to the leadership issues at the National Prosecuting Authority to ensure that this critical institution is stabilised and able to perform its mandate unhindered.
Appoint a Commission of Inquiry into Tax Administration and Governance of Sars.
Visit every national department to engage with senior leadership to ensure that the work of government is effectively aligned.


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