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Register for our COVID SHE Rep today with Eskilz College

SHE Rep practices post pandemic and its’ importance

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world as we know it, While infections are continuing to rise in many parts of the world, there are also a number of countries that are now working to sustain declining rates and reviving their economies. Governments, employers, and organizations have a key role to play in reinforcing the progress made in reducing infection rates by ensuring a safe return to work. This requires cooperation and coordinated strategies from all parties, as unsafe work practices anywhere pose a threat to people and organisations everywhere.

Since it’s not however attainable to eliminate the jeopardy if the work reopens, a mix of different preventive measures is needed to shield staff from exposure to the coronavirus. Below are a number of advantages as to why one should register for this webinar and further take this course:

• Stimulating the economy and employment, through active economic policy, accommodative financial policy, disposition and backing to specific sectors, together with the health sector.

• Supporting enterprises, jobs and incomes, by extending social protection for all, implementing employment retention measures, providing financial/tax and different relief for enterprises.

• Protecting staff within the work, by strengthening OSH measures, adapting work arrangements (e.g. teleworking), preventing discrimination and exclusion, providing health access for all and increasing access to paid leave.

• Relying on social dialogue for solutions, by strengthening the capability and resilience of employers’ and workers’ organizations, strengthening the capability of governments, strengthening social dialogue, talks and labour relations establishments and processes.

Date: 2nd October 2020

Where to register:

Price: R345

To find out more contact us on or call 010 030 0080

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