Learnerships vs Internships

It is paramount to know the difference between a Learnership and an Internship. Many people, not only confuse the two, but also confuse a bursary with a learnership. The reason why it is essential to know the difference between the two is due the fact that you will be able to apply for the correct thing based on your knowledge or highest qualification, whether it be a grade 12 certificate or a degree.

Here is the difference between the two:

A Learnership offers training in a specific field while earning money simultaneously and is primarily for people with matric as their highest qualification. You should be awarded a certificate after completion of a learnership which indicates your level of achievement. You will then be able to look for a job or further your education in that specific field.

An Internship is an opportunity for people with a degree or diploma to gain practical experience in a possible place of employment or in their field of study. Interns are employed at a company for a limited amount of time which lasts from one week to 12 months. Most times, an internship is required during your study course in order to complete your qualification. Just as with a Learnership, you also get paid during an Internship.

Basically, a Learnership is better suited for someone with a grade 12 as their highest education, while an internship benefits someone who is actively completing their degree or diploma and an apprenticeship is a 3-4-year labour programme that trains you in a very specific trade.

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