5 ways lifelong learning will benefit your personal success



Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.




Remember that through education anything is possible and you can achieve greatness when knowledge is at heart.

Here are 5 ways lifelong learning benefits your personal success:

  1. Building Confidence

Learning new skills is a beneficial way to improve your confidence level. At Eskilz College our courses include efficient ways to build an individual’s confidence. Join our courses and let us help you become a confident leader.

  1. Skillset Improvement

Keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date benefits both your career and personal life. Through knowledge you create opportunities for yourself to become an expert in your respective field.

  1. Creating New Career Opportunities

Acquiring new skills will bring new opportunities, skills will never do you wrong when you have a passion for what you do. If you need help with finding your passion let us help you find a course that suits you.  An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

  1. Life Enrichment

Through learning you are enriching your life at various points. When taking classes you are more socially exposed and involved in activities which serve as a beneficial skill to acquire before entering the business world. People listen to people, if you can sell yourself, you can sell anything.

  1. Keeping In Touch With The World

Learning exercises the brain and keeps it active. Without knowledge you limit yourself from the rest of the world and restrict your horizon. When you gain access to a new field of knowledge you also gain access to a wider range of the world.

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. At Eskilz College we have a passion for empowering and uplifting individuals. We provide courses that benefit a wide range of individuals including those with disabilities. Our staff is trained and ready to be of assistance to you!

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Teaching, the mother of all professions

Of all the professions in the world, teaching is one profession that can change anybody’s life. You are who you are because someone taught you that skill and inspired you to be who you are. If you think you can work alone and achieve success in your life without needing help from anybody then you are wrong. When you are stuck in the middle of something you look up to that one person who can guide your way.

A teacher is a person with specialised skills and application of knowledge which helps an individual or a society to meet their needs. Teachers help individuals to enhance his or her skills and helps the student to use these skills for the better use for oneself and as well as others.

Teaching includes attributes designed to provide unique service to meet the educational needs of society and as well as of an individual. There are different kind of ways if which something can be taught to someone. There is the traditional way which is practised in most places, performed once by the teacher so that other students can learn how it is done. Whether it is maths equation or any dance form or learning any sport. There is another way of doing it too, teachers just guide the students on how something is done and students have to figure it out all by themselves, well this is not a bad way either. Many teachers do not prefer spoon feeding.

Teaching is as critical as any profession including medical, law or accountancy to list a few. Dedication to purpose, knowledge expertise and advocacy are core strengths of those in the teaching profession.

“Teaching is a mother of all other professions”. Many people believe in this quote and somewhere down in the history it is proved to be true. This profession provides pillar to the society and without a teacher no one can reach their heights. The Department of Basic Education is stuck with underqualified or unqualified teachers it cannot eliminate because of a tremendous shortage of teachers in South Africa. the most critical fields are still Maths, Science, Technology and African languages.

 Even a person who wants to be a teacher requires a teacher. Find relevant teachers course offerings from Eskilz College on Become someone’s hero.