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Reasons Why Taking A Gap Year Is Not A Good Decision

If the question of how taking a gap year or not after finishing high school will affect your life has been naggingly disturbing you, and you were contemplating going for a break, then think again.

Many people take on a gap year right after their high school years with the intention to “find themselves” or “figure out where their interests lie” but is it really sensible to pursue a career out of passion during the times we live in now?

Think of the uprising of the 4th Industrial Revolution where many people’s passions are going to be replaced by robots and machines. The machines, however, cannot build themselves and it takes a human’s acquired skills to bring them to life.

Skills development is the main focus of the current era, so instead of taking take a gap year in a quest to reaffirm yourself of where your passions lie, it will be advisable to rather invest your time in a skills training course.

Here are five reasons why we think taking a gap year is not so much of a good idea:

  1. You risk losing the momentum to learn. With the prolonged break, the desire to get up and go back to learning might depreciate.
  2. Time lost cannot be regained. The time you could’ve used to equip yourself for the working world is wasted and affects not only you but the entire economy as unemployment statistics increase.
  3. You will be a step behind your peers. While everyone progresses you stay stagnant and feel less motivated to pick yourself up again.
  4. Gap years can be expensive. Within the time of your gap year, you are more likely to get bored and desire to travel the world and make new discoveries which will result in you being an expense to your family instead of an investment.
  5. Lastly, you might feel alone and unable to keep in touch with your friends.

So, do you really want to hold yourself back and let the opportunity to better yourself pass you by?

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